Acne, herpes zoster, alopecia, vitiligo, and neural dermatitis

How Does Acupuncture for Dermatology?

There is always some underlying imbalance in the body that is manifesting as these skin issues. With acupuncture, we work on bringing the body into a balanced, less stressed state, and this is key to treating acne. By targeting the underlying cause of why the patient's body is producing acne, instead of just treating it topically, they can have more lasting results. By getting to the root of the issue—diet, emotions, or hormones—the patient is able to work with an acupuncturist to make possible dietary adjustments, augment their treatment with Chinese herbs and supplements, and treat the skin from the inside out. The body can work on healing and releasing any build up or stagnation of toxins that is causing the skin to erupt. 

Using acupuncture to treat acne is right for any open-minded individuals up for trying it, especially those seeking a natural remedy for problematic skin and for whom other solutions have not worked. Often, patients with acne are given few options, and turn to harsh chemical products, antibiotics, or other prescription medications, While sometimes effective on the surface, these treatments can lead to other problems.

Acupuncture can be especially helpful to those sensitive to medication or don't want to chance the harsh side effects of some prescription drugs often used for acne. Most often, healing acne with acupuncture takes time, consistency of treatments, and lifestyle changes. 

Detecting the source of inflammation:

Because acupuncture gets to the root of the problem, a major part of using it to treat acne requires detecting the source of the skin's inflammation. The region of the face where the patient is breaking out indicates what is actually going on in their body. For instance, chin breakouts may be caused by an imbalance in the stomach. Breakouts near or around the mouth are symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Forehead acne is usually related to digestive problems, while lower cheek breakouts are potentially due to respiratory congestion, and is usually found with smokers. Even the tongue can be inspected to see the level of inflammation and which organs are off balance and causing skin problems. Acupuncturists look at the body as a whole. When diagnosing a patient, it is imperative to take a full-body analysis to determine which organ is specifically out of harmony and needs to be brought back into harmony.

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