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Bad Habit Harms Low Back Health

Think back and see whether multiple meetings and long drinking parties for the holiday have given you more stress, and whether you have sat down for a long period of time during the party. Not only is there an increase in number of patients complaining of lower back pain during the New Year, but there are also more patients coming in for more severe back pain. The reasons may include frequent drinking, overeating, and stress.

Physical and psychological stress induce low back pain. Not only preparation of meal and grocery shopping for the family, but stress from the in-law’s can also be reason behind low back pain. Stress causes vessel contraction, which impedes blood circulation, and affects supplying of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This leads to muscle tension, resulting in pain.

Not only mental stress, but physical stress such as house cleaning, mopping while squatting, lifting or moving heavy objects, and driving for long period of time can also induce pain. These motions can put severe pressure on the low back and cause low back muscle and ligament tension. In worse cases, this can result in herniated disc disorder, so precaution is necessary.

Frequent drinking can also be harmful for the low back health. Alcohol converts to a toxic component called acetaldehyde, which damage cells, vessels, and muscles, invade the spine and surrounding muscle tissues, and induce severe pain.

Sufficient amount of protein is essential in protecting muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine, however, detoxification of alcohol after drinking consume large quantity of protein. Insufficient protein of the spine and surrounding muscles causes low back weakness; therefore, avoid drinking if you have frequent back issues.

Drinking in cold weather is lethal for low back health because the cold, especially in winter time, causes vessel contraction and stiffening of muscles and ligaments around the spine.

Diet adjustment is also important for low back health. It is easy to neglect diet adjustments during the holidays because of multiple events and frequent meetings. Accumulation of fat around the abdomen increase, and more weight is localized around the low back.

All patients expect a perfect one-time-treatment for pain. However, there is no such treatment for chronic pain. Most pain are caused by wrong posture and habits. Prevention of disease is the most important, and deterioration must be prevented beforehand. Therefore, avoid sitting for a long period of time while working and sitting in soft sofas or on the floor, and for those with constant low back pain must avoid driving for long hours. Always maintain a straight back while sitting, and repeat work outs such as jogging, swimming, and fast-walking at least thirty minutes everyday. Lack of exercise can weaken the muscles that supports the back and affect the spine.

Maintaining a healthy spine by adjusting misaligned pelvis with acupuncture treatment and adjustments through Tui-Na treatments is important, which also treat minor pain and adjusts spine alignment.

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