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Shoulder Stretching

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We would like to let you know how to prevent and reduce #Shoulderdisease such as #Shoulderpain #Rotatorcuffinflammation . We highly recommend you to keep doing this in your daily life, hope you getting better and better!

/Basic Stretching/

  • Shoulder Circles 1 (Part: Rotator Cuff) 1. Stand and relax your shoulders 2. Slowly rotate 5 times forward and 5 times backward.

  • Shoulder Circles 2 (Part: Lateral Side) 1. Raise both arms to both sides. 2. Slowly rotate 10 times forward and 10 times backward.

  • Cross Over (Part: Back Side) 1. Stretch one arm across your chest. 2. Lightly pull your elbow with the other hand. 3. Make sure the shoulder relaxed. 4. Hold it for 10 seconds, repeat 3-4 times for each arm.

  • Overhead (Part: Lower Side) 1. Raise your arms above your head, bend your elbows, 2. and pass your hands behind the back, holding your elbow with the other hand and pull gently. 3. Hold it for 10 seconds, repeat 3-4 times for each arm.

/Stretching - Use of Tool/

  • Wall Climb (Part: Serratus) 1. Raise your arms to shoulder level and stand facing the wall. 2. Use your index and middle fingers to climb the wall, but try not to let your fingers fall off the wall. 3. After holding for 10 seconds at the highest position, return to its original position. 4. Repeat 3-4 times for each arm.

  • Door Way (Part: Anterior) 1. Stand towards the door and raise your elbow to shoulder level. 2. Open your arms to the sides and lean between the doors. 3. Lean your entire body forward, feeling your shoulders and chest relaxed. 4. Hold it for 10 seconds, repeat 3-4 times for each arm.

  • Towel Stretching (Part: The articular Capsule) 1. Hold both ends of the towel behind the back. 2. Raise healthy arm up to relax affected arm. 3. Make sure not to raise your shoulder. 4. Do the same with the other part. 5. Hold it for 10 seconds, repeat 3 times.

  • Table Stretching (Part: Upper Back) 1. Put your hands on the edge of the table. 2. Behind the two steps, bow down and straighten your back. 3. Make sure your legs are straight. 4. Keep the gaze facing down, hold for 20 seconds.

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