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Updated: Apr 26, 2018

While California is the best city to enjoy playing golf, it is also a place with the most injuries due to excessive practice and rounding. Reasons behind golf injuries include spine, ligaments, muscle and joint damage from excessive practice and forceful rounding. Physical and mental stress increases muscle stress and tension, and pressure on the spine and hip can trigger damage. Imbalance of the spine and pelvis from improper golf swing can weaken muscle and flexibility and lead to further injuries.

Low back pain is the most common pain among golfers. The compression force that the low back received while swinging on gold address position can reach up to eight times the body weight. Not only from swinging, but pain can also come from putting as well due to increase of stress on the surrounding muscles of the low back while bending. This kind of stress wears out the spine and can easily trigger herniated disc syndrome or low back inflammation if the muscles are weak or if the vertebra are misaligned.

Korean Medicine for low back pain includes acupuncture treatment and herbal therapy. Acupuncture effectively alleviates constricted muscles and realigns crooked spine and pelvis. It also helps in restoring stagnated muscles and ligaments by increasing blood flow. For fundamental treatment, herbal medicine is used simultaneously, which reduce pain by removing inflammation and strengthen muscle and bone.

Professional golfers complain of lack of concentration due to limited strength and cannot exhibit their ability. Herbal medicine that supplements the body and strengthens the brain and nerves through appropriate examination and pulse diagnosis can give good results. Herbal medicine can reduce muscle fatigue and help in balancing the body by vitalizing the brain, which allow the golfer to feel stability while swinging. Additionally, strengthening of the nerve allow quick and accurate transmission throughout the body. Not only does this increase the driving distance, but it can also bring good results during competitions.

The following are stretching for proper posture and golfing:

First, spread legs out shoulder width while standing upright, slowly rotate the shoulders and pelvis left and right as if you are swinging without moving the head and feet. Hold for three seconds when the back is fully rotated, and this relaxes the back, low back, shoulder, and neck rotator muscles. Golf stretching assist in widening rotating range and in relieving excessive tension in the spine, which allows for smooth swinging. This relaxes the muscle and prevents further injury.

Second, spread legs out shoulder width, link both hands and stretch them over your head. Slowly tilt the body to the left, hold for ten seconds, return to center, and repeat on the right side by holding for ten seconds and returning. Repeat these steps three times. This stretching is effective in alleviating stiff pain and tension of the spinal muscles around the sides.

Injury easily comes from excessive swinging to increase driving distance, or from forceful practice to send it farther. Make sure to do stretching that increases flexibility of the low back before rounding and practice. It is important to receive professional help and appropriate examination and treatment in case of pain. Periodic spinal examination for prevention is mandatory.

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