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Dr. On Jung Park regularly wrote as part of The Health Column for The Korea Times.

She shared with the audience many self-diagnosis tips and how to help relieve many symptoms.

She wrote about many varieties of topics and suggested treatments for them.

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Updated: May 24, 2018

What is Tonic Herb Medicine

Dr. Park explains, “In western medicine, medicine is prescribed according to symptoms, such as headache, diabetes, and hypertension; however, integrative medicine views each disease from a different perspective. Alternative Medicine defines disease as an imbalance of the body due to an excess or deficiency of something.”

Dr. Park continues to explain, “Cold, heat, damp, or stagnation invading or remaining in the body is referred to as an "excess," while any shortage is classified as a "deficiency." Tonic herb medicine serves to supplement the body’s deficiency, and the body itself finds balance to help recover from weakened body and disease.”

The body becomes dangerously vulnerable to a variety of diseases upon continual accumulation of fatigue and stress as well as weakening of the immune system. One may be convinced that herb medicine containing lu rong (deer antler) or ginseng is the ultimate tonic herb medicine. However, there is no one-size-fits-all type of tonic medicine that suits everyone's needs. Dr. Park explains, “Tonic herbs serve to find balance in patient’s immune system after making precise diagnosis about one’s deficiency.”

Balance of the Body and the Preventative Effect

Dr. Park says, “Tonic herb medicine should not be taken after the body has become weak. Managing your health amid excess fatigue and exhaustion would be more helpful in preventing a decline of health.”

“You must take special caution when sweating at night,” says Dr. Park, “Excessive sweating means leakage of essence. Once energy and essence have been consumed, prescription of tonic herb medicine will significantly help a child's growth.”

When to Take Tonic Herb Medicine

Dr. Park agrees to the Korean saying, "tonic herb should be taken in the spring and fall." However, tonic herb is still medicine. Instead of overly emphasizing the season, they should be taken according to the patient's conditions. People may be prescribed tonic herb medicine when despite the lack of abnormal findings on modern medical examinations, they are easily fatigued and exhausted, with a sense of heaviness and discomfort throughout the body.

Tonic Herb Medicine Prescribed for Deficiency

Deficiency can be broadly divided into qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, and yin deficiency, and tonic herbs are prescribed accordingly.

  • Qi Deficiency: Refers to a condition in which the body's qi level is low, characterized by lack of energy, minimized talking, easily fatigued, difficulty waking up in the morning, and desire to lay down often. When lying down, feels like the ground is sinking. No desire to talk to people.

  • Blood Deficiency: Poor blood circulation due to lack to blood, causing tingling sensation on both hands and feet, palpitation, anxiety, headache, etc. Dizziness after sitting and standing up, blurred vision, poor memory, heaviness on back and shoulder.

  • Yang Deficiency: Refers to deficiency of fire, which warms up the body. Easily feel cold and catch cold, get upset stomach in the summer, dislike cold food. Both hands and feet are cold, and consumption of cold food causes diarrhea.

  • Yin Deficiency: Yin cools the heat in the body and allows the body to be flexible and smooth. Yin deficiency means lack of essential fluids. Essential fluids (synovial fluid) has dried up, causing stiff joints, darkened skin tone, wrinkles, and poor complexion. Both hands and feet dry up. Knees make a sound when sitting and standing. Hair thins and falls out. Dry spit and dry skin. Signs of deficient heat shown on palm of hand and sole of foot.

How Does Tonic Herb Medicine Work in The Body

Tonic Herb Medicine basically helps to maintain the body's balance by supplementing the deficiency. A good balance helps to strengthen the immune system, increases the energy level, and facilitate the healing process.

Caution When Taking Tonic Herb Medicine

Dr. Park says, “Side effects can develop when you blindly take one or two herbs that are known to be beneficial without considering the state of your body. You cannot reap the full benefits of an herbal medicine without an accurate alternative medical diagnosis and prescriptions."

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